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Our Work

Why should you choose Sunday Morning Coffee Roaster?​


We are a team of very passionate people. For us, quality and goodness are the essences of coffee beans. We roast everything in our roastery with utmost dedication. Our existence is all about bringing other people together with us and growing the business together, for that, we tie-up with other coffee roasters to source good quality green coffee and to roast them well for our customers. We aspire to create a future that is beneficial for us as well as the coffee farmers.


At present, we are offering a bunch of coffee products, including espresso, filtered coffee, etc. In addition, we also tie-up with different companies and businesses to explore the world of art and coffee together.

A few of the projects we are currently working on are mentioned below.


Sunday Morning x Coffee+Space

We co-operated with Coffee+Space to start a café in Fortress Hill (2018-2020). Every impression and expression we have experienced in the years is now going to shape the final Sunday Morning Coffee Roaster.


When Sunday Morning starts, I become We. People who are passionate about coffee,  cake , art and music come together and support each other. We share the passion, value and happiness through our products.         


An ongoing project is
Sunday Morning x Manitaste

We are very fond of people who find their peace and comfort in experimenting.

Mani is one such person whose love for dessert motivated her to experiment and bring to existence some unique recipes at a very young age. She is a person full of passion, and that passion is reflected in the desserts she makes. She adds her flavor to the pre-existing recipes. We started a new journey together to experiment and learn, aiming to fulfill our dreams and aspirations.


They sell snowflake crisps; and many other desserts with their own, exceptional flavors. Mouthwatering, right? This is exactly what brought both the companies together. The business has been tremendously increasing ever since, and we can not be more grateful.




A project that we are looking forward to currently is the tie-up with Puricraft.

This project took birth in the year 2021, when we met the founders of Puricraft. The founders brought to light the essence and beauty of flowers in our business. We were completely stunned to see the beauty of this floristry. While we were already amazed by this beauty, we found the common mission that the Sunday Morning Coffee Roaster and Puricraft share.


In this busy life and hectic days, all a person wants is a freshly brewed cup of coffee to relax and enjoy the evening. While flowers add color to a room, they are also known to eleviate the mood of a person. If we decorate our surroundings with flowers, they can uplift your mood and calm your brain. With this aim, we started this project to bring you a cup of excellence, with the best quality and hand-picked coffee beans from coffee farms and developing a relaxing vibe at the place.


Puricraft is a floral studio and exists for a social purpose. Art comes in different forms, and here, it is about flowers and their scents.

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