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Our Story

Our journey of coffee began in 2018 as Sunday Morning Coffee Roaster. For us, nothing can beat those calm and dreamy Sunday mornings when we sit under the sun, have the perfect cup of coffee in our hands, and the aroma of coffee that slowly activates the brain. In 2017, we visited Colombia through the program Cup of Excellence (COE) and met a lot coffee farmers and roasters from various parts of the world.

The knowledge they had was exemplary, and our interest in the world of coffee heightened when they kindly shared that knowledge with us in the most enthusiastic way. We climbed up to a 2000m high coffee farmland, and the owner explained to us his experimental coffee, which he had been running for the past 3 years. After the tasting, we could understand how much effort he has been putting into the project. It was him who brought Sunday Morning Coffee Roaster to life. It was through this Colombian coffee farmer that our journey as coffee roaster began.


We look forward to partnering with more enthusiastic and dedicated farmers from different parts of the world to bring you the best coffee with supreme quality and affordable prices. It is not just our dream that we intend to fulfill but the dreams of other farmers who have started their own journey in the coffee world.

Our Philosophy

This brings us to the philosophy on the basis of which we have created this company. Bringing goodness, beauty, and truth is what we are aiming towards and we do not intend to compromise on either of these characteristics. We believe that life is an art, and we are its artists. In the world of coffee, we hope to explore this unique connection between art and coffee and paint it with beauty, goodness, and truth.

Short brief into the roaster

During my study days, I worked as a part-time barista in a coffee shop. I was quite impressed by the aroma of the coffee, which attracted me to the shop every day. No matter how tiring the days were at the coffee shop, everything used to get back with that strong aroma. Despite working at various places with different industry, I will still rank working as the Barista at number 1 because of the aroma. This is also the reason why I was always inclined towards coffee. 

When I started to think of opening my own business, I had various ideas in my mind, but deep inside, I knew I wanted to enter into the business of coffee. I have always been a preacher of truth, and this is my life mantra as well. Working as a Barista has taught me the value of goodness and the beauty that it carries with itself. If there is quality in what you are selling, no one can beat you. 


Goodness comes in all shapes and sizes, and well, for me, it is in the shape of coffee beans. We, as a company, aspire to bring all these three elements together to bring the best quality coffee for our customers. We believe that there will always be someone below us which is why we should always help. With this in mind, we promise to donate 10% of our yearly profits to those in need with our best intentions. 


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